Safari In The Kalahari

Safari In The Kalahari

The word 'Kalahari' is derived from the Tswana word Kgala meaning 'the great thirst' The Kalahari Desert stretches over 900,000 square kilometres, covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa. Part of this semi arid area forms the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. One of Botswana's most majestic wildlife areas, the reserve covers an area of over 52,000 square kms. It is the world's second largest game reserve. The park contains multitudes of wildlife such as giraffe, gemsbok, eland, kudu, zebra and forms an important place in their natural migratory route. Accompanying these herds of game on their daily journeys are the ever present predators such as Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Brown Hyena and packs of the endangered African Wild Dog. Birdlife also abounds and any day spent game driving this vast area can become most rewarding.

The land is mostly flat and gently undulating covered with bush and grasses covering the sand dunes and areas of larger trees. Many of the river valleys are fossilized with salt pans. Four fossilized rivers pass through the reserve including Deception Valley which began to form around 16,000 years ago, during the rainy season a string of pans hold water and become a magnet to thirsty animals as the dry times begin.

The San people (Bushmen) are believed to have inhabited the lands for many thousands of years as they roamed the area as nomadic hunters.

The Kalahari Safari is not for those who are faint of heart. The days can be hot and the nights may become extremely cold. Camping at public or private campsites will always mean the necessity to conserve water supplies as it is seldom available within the park and 'roughing it' is the norm.

The Kalahari is one of nature's truly wonderful places, visitors are rewarded with spectacular sunrises, vast horizons, wildlife opportunities that are often unsurpassed and more stars in the nights sky than you have ever thought possible. Delta Rain Management and Staff aim to make your safari to the Kalahari both affordable and memorable.